Euroweek 2022 – Calmare Internationella Skola

Euroweek 2022

Program Euroweek 2022

The bullet points written in blue text mean that host families are welcome to participate.

The bullet points written in red text mean that participation is for teachers only.

Program Saturday, September 24 

19.00 Meet up at CIS

Host families and student ambassadors.

Information regarding the reception of students.

20.00 The buses arrive to CIS

After the reception, departure to host families 


Program Sunday, September 25 

10.00 Assembly at CIS, teacher meeting 

Information regarding the program of the week and Euroweek  

2023 forward thinking

11.30 Coffee and snack

Students Pre-lunch:   Free time with host families

13.00 Meet up at CIS, students

Preparations of parade

13.30 Parade from CIS to Larmtorget

14.00 Euroweek Official Opening Ceremony in Larmtorget

14.30 Parade to Stortorget

15.00 Flashmob in Stortorget

15.30 Sightseeing walk to the Castle of Kalmar. Photo Challenge

Use this QR-code to participate in the sightseeing and download app:



Evening for students:  Free time with host families 

18.30 Teacher dinner at CIS 


Program Monday, September 26 

8.30 Meet up at CIS

9.15 Physical activity day 

Comfortable shoes and clothes, suitable for physical activity

Lunch will be served at Akademikrogen

15.00 End of the physical activities of the day

Evening: Free time with host families or activities at CIS for students who wish to spend time together. The school will be open for this, during the evening. The school closes at 10 pm.

Teachers are free for the night.


Program Tuesday, September 27 

8.30 Meet up at CIS

9.00-12 Lectures: Social Entrepreneurship

12.00 Lunch at Akademikrogen

13.00 Workshop in cross groups: Social Entrepreneurship

15.00 Presentations

18.00 Meet up at Kalmarsalen 

18.30-20.00 Euroweek Final Event in Kalmarsalen

Student performances by each participating country

CIS International hereby invites you to join us in Kalmarsalen for “The Final Show on Tuesday, Septemper 27 at 18.30-20.00. During the evening, the great diversity of Europe will be performed in terms of singing, dancing and sketches. 

Admission is free of charge. Reservation in advance is required (not for Euroweeks guests). RSVP before Tuesday, September 20. 


Program Wednesday, September 28

Departure for all delegations. Due to different travel itineraries, the time of departure may vary.


Good to know during your visit in Kalmar:

Tourist information

Connect to CIS wifi:  cis_byod

Password: cisbyod1213

Contact details to staff at CIS:

Malin Toro Nilsson (headmistress): 0046-70-5671467

Carole Lapierre (International coordinator): 0046-76-8581864